During the two years of Local Squares, the group decided to share their reflections in the form of a communication tool: the Inspiration Cards.

This set of 50 cards addresses those involved in processes of designing or transforming desirable public spaces. The cards are divided into three categories: Uses, Participation and Management. Each card’s question addresses a topic concerning necessities, business, sustainability, design, support, control, communication and organisation.

The questions aim at opening new perspectives, supporting group discussions, challenging the definition of public spaces, raising questions about leadership and participation, inviting people to clarify upcoming challenges and demands, and discovering unexpected issues.

You can download the cards in their print-ready layout here. Follow the provided instructions to create the complete deck and packaging from this file.

If you want to use the cards as a slideshow or to only print out single cards, this file has one card per page.

* Es gibt mittlerweile auch eine Deutsche Fassung der Karten viel Spaß damit! *